Saturday, July 03, 2010

Steve Adams

by Chris Dokish

When I said Pitt's future center would be somebody the fans haven't heard of, I wasn't kidding. Of course, I didn't know he would come from New Zealand either, though I did know that Jamie Dixon knew the players down there very well.

From what I know, the kid is 6'11" and according to my source, he is a "big dude, a monster". And he's only 16. Dixon knew of him through his contacts there. I know that Tom Herrion also knew of the kid when he went there to recruit Rob Low.

True centers are hard to find and with Adams now in the mix, this helps Pitt with players such as Andre Drummond (6'9" 250), Khem Birch (6'8" 190), DaJuan Coleman (6'8" 280), Daniel Ochefu (6'10" 215), and Kaleb Tarczewski (7'0" 220), who can now be recruited as power forwards. This could potentially give the Panthers amazing front court size in the future and it benefits the prospect by letting him not play out of position. And from what I'm hearing, this is exactly what the Panthers staff is trying to do.


At 7:10 PM, Blogger Nick said...

Have you heard anything new on this Steve Adams kid? How good do you think he is?

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Chris Dokish said...

I did an article on him at NBE. He's a naturally big kid who is athletic. he has a lot of raw material to work with. Time will tell what Dixon can get out of him. He could be a bust or could be a future NBA lottery pick.


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