Monday, June 08, 2009

Pitt Football under Dave Wannstedt

By Chris Dokish

Comparing the conference records among all Big East schools in the four seasons that Dave Wannstedt has been Pitt's head coach.

West Virginia 22-6
Rutgers 17-11
Cincinnati 16-12
Louisville 15-13
South Florida 14-14
Pittsburgh 14-14
UConn 11-17
Syracuse 3-25

Pitt's Big East record in Walt Harris's final four seasons at Pitt: 18-9

Record against out of conference BCS programs:

West Virginia 10-2
Louisville 9-3
South Florida 5-5
Rutgers 4-4
UConn 4-5
Pittsburgh 3-6
Cincinnati 1-5
Syracuse 1-10

Total record against all BCS programs, Big East and non-conference, over the last four seasons:

West Virginia 32-8
Louisville 24-16
Rutgers 21-15
South Florida 19-19
Cincinnati 17-17
Pittsburgh 17-20
UConn 15-22
Syracuse 4-35


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Big Dog Daddy and the Novacainines said...

I always thought that Pitt sucked in football, but now I have the proof. I wonder how Wanny's Wall is doing now?!

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At 1:22 AM, Blogger Jenifer said...

I wonder how Wanny's Wall is doing now?!

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