Thursday, May 15, 2008


2010 Guard Isaiah Epps is in High Demand and the Pittsburgh Panthers recently sent Associate Head Coach Tom Herrion to take a look at Epps.

Herrion was impressed with what he saw from the young guard and told coach Pete Vasil there is a Panther offer for his star, but vasil will wait for more confirmation, “I will wait until the head coach tells me he has an offer before I count it and I haven’t heard from Jamie Dixon yet,” says Vasil.

Competition is fierce already for the young guard as Maryland has been coming aggressively after Pete Vasil's talented player, “Maryland is recruiting him the hardest right now and Gary Williams wants him very much. Plus, Gary told him he can come and play right away. If Isaiah likes the situation there, I would recommend to him that he takes the offer. That way he has a solid foundation for the rest of his high school career. He can concentrate on his academics and making himself a better player, and he no longer has to worry about where he’s going.”

Also, Big East foes like Rutgers and Seton Hall are aggressively pursuing Epps in hopes of keeping the Plainfield High School star playing college basketball in his home state.


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