Monday, May 12, 2008


Jamie Dixon has developed a strong bond with the University of Pittsburgh administration and ESPN's Andy Katz captures this relationship very well in his latest article covering the Pittsburgh coach: Dixon Turns Down Suitors, Keeps Pittsburgh Poised for Success (ESPN.com).

Although the demise of the Pitt program has been predicted by many often times during the last seven seasons, from being a one-hit wonder to seeing the success follow out the door with Ben Howland, Brandin Knight and crew, and then again when Jaron Brown and Julius Page graduated...and again when Chevy Troutman and Chris Taft left Pittsburgh...or when Carl Krauser and Aaron Gray moved on...well, it just seems as though Pitt is not going to go away. Now, heading into Dixon's 6th season, Pitt is ranked in many top 5's and a preseason team with a lot of hype.

Now, they need a little more March hype to go for another step ahead!

One note, though, Dixon might be looking at accomplishing the next step at Pitt without one of his longest tenured confidants as assistant Orlando Antiigua is a candidate for a similar position at Memphis as John Calipari is Looking at Big East Assistants (CBS Sports) to finish up his staff's rebuilding.


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