Thursday, December 01, 2005


Projected 2006-2007 Roster:

Seniors: Antonio Graves (G), Levon Kendall (F/C), Doyle Hudson (F/C), Aaron Gray (C)
Juniors: Keith Benjamin (G), Ronald Ramon (G), Mike Cook (G/F)
Sophomores: Levance Fields (PG), Sam Young (F), Tyrell Biggs (F)
Freshmen: Gilbert Brown (SF/G), Austin Wallace (BF)

OK, I am going slightly on a limb here, but I have seen both Austin Wallace and Gilbert Brown several times each, and I feel both are highly undervalued. Brown is one of the elite run/jump athletes in the country and has played to RAVE reviews since the summer. He is long and lean and causes a lot of havoc on the wing defensively and is adding an improved jump shot to his offensive arsenal. Of the classes with 2 recruits, he is one of the better recruits in the conference, from what I have seen.

Austin Wallace is one of the fastest improving big men recruits on the east coast. Most believed the young-for-his-grade Wallace would prep for a year, and he had schools like Louisville and others telling him they would be interested heavily if he was in the class of 2007. However, he opted to sign with Pittsburgh this fall and he is a sturdy and athletic big man that should become and excellent player in the conference in time as he continues to improve. There have been reports that Wallace is not done growing and is already in the 6'9+ range which would increase his stock if he was still on the market.

This is a class that is very similar to DePaul and Marquette's with just 2 players, but I think there is just a touch more upside with the Pitt duo and Brown is a player that has been overlooked in the rankings.


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