Friday, January 07, 2011

Bradley vs. Wannstedt in Recruiting

By Chris Dokish

Dave Wannstedt's first full class was in 2006. The following is how the duo fared against each other when offering the same player in western PA, and only includes players that went to one or the other. And as a recruiting writer I can tell you who really was offered and not who Penn State fans tell you they offered.


Aaron Berry- Pitt
Nate Byham- Pitt
Dorin Dickerson- Pitt
Elijah Fields- Pitt
Jason Pinkston- Pitt
Aaron Smith- Pitt


LeSean McCoy- Pitt
Maurice Williams- Pitt

Jon Ditto- Penn State
Derek Moye- Penn State
Nick Sukay- Penn State
Stefen Wisniewski- Penn State


Shayne Hale- Pitt
Jarred Holley- Pitt

Mike Yancich- Penn State


Dan Mason- Pitt
Todd Thomas- Pitt


Anthony Gonzalez- Pitt

Miles Dieffenbach- Penn State
Luke Graham- Penn State
Mike Hull- Penn State
Paul Jones- Penn State
Tom Ricketts- Penn State


Wannstedt 13
Bradley 10

And that doesn't even include two nationally recruited players, Jonathan Baldwin and Lucas Nix. that Penn State didn't even bother to recruit because they knew they were going to Pitt.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger chilco said...


Any idea how this Orange Bowl Carribbean Cruise scandal will play out?
So far not much traction in the major media but the inside details are off the hook and wreak of greed and avarice by 40 NCAA AD's (yes Steve and Tami were there.)

At 10:48 PM, Blogger jross said...

Chris, I enjoy reading your blog, you do a great job.

I will admit these recruits don't seem to represent Bradley's reputation as an ace recruiter.

How does Wanny and Bradley stack up in not just head to head recruiting battles or in Western, PA but in overall recruits? I know Penn State typically has highly rated classes but I have no idea who or what coaches are responsible for that.

Wannstedt's teams were talented enough, do you not feel that with equal or even close to the same recruiting success that Dave had and better game day coaching, that Bradley couldn't not take Pitt to the so called next level?

Not that we know what kind of coach Bradley is but at least there is that possibility.


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