Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Panthers land Moore

By Chris Dokish

Pitt pulled a major coup by landing 6'6" SF J.J. Moore of South Kent Prep in Connecticut. Most insiders considered Louisville the favorite, but in the end the Panthers prevailed. Moore, an excellent shooter and great athlete, is considered the big time wing that the program has been missing for a decade. Moore is still trying to be eligible for 2010, but may have to be reclassified to the 2011 class.

Added notes: I have been getting questions about whether Moore is ineligible for 2010 and if Louisville pulled off of him because of grades. One, Moore has always been considered a long shot to be eligible for 2010, but both Moore and Pitt are trying as hard as possible to have him eligible for 2010. That's is the preference for both. Two, I reported months ago that Moore's eligibility was a long shot so it's ludicrous to think that Louisville also didn't know. Bottom line, Moore was all but certain to go to Louisville, but Pitt did a great job and stole him away.


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